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NuFlights makes exchange of NDC travel content between airlines and travel agencies simpler across NDC versions and content variations.

NuFlights NDC Connect for airlines to publish NDC content, modern B2B booking platform for travel agencies, in-built Back-office Connectors for seamless reporting and accounting, a simple modern API and a highly-scalable platform - driven by simplicity and consistency


Embrace the change

Travel Agency

  • Maximize revenues with better fares and selection of ancillaries.
  • Better fares and seats availability and rich content direct from airlines.
  • Avoid ADMs (Agency Debit Memos) and improve bottomline.
  • Improve productivity using optimised booking and servicing flows.
  • Real-time credit control for sub-agents and corporates


  • Reach out to our loyal customer base of 600+ travel agencies globally.
  • Take control and offer personalised journeys to travellers tailored offers, with reduced costs.
  • Join the platform to offer your full portfolio of products.
  • A continously improving platform to optimise content delivery and reducing fraud and content abuse.

Our NDC Benefits

Benefits of NuFlights NDC

Improve Profitability

Airlines can offer richer products and ancillary service catalogues, personalised for travellers. Travel Agencies get better pricing and improved availability, to the passengers’ delight.

Lower Operations Cost

Airlines can get better reach for their NDC content, at minimal distribution costs. Travel Agencies can avoid costs related to ADMs and Surcharges associated with GDS bookings.

Adopt Market Differentiators

Airlines can offer NDC products/services better suited to each market, travel agency profiles and traveller segments. Travel Agencies get easier access to deliver this differentiated content.

Personalise for Passenger

Products and services from Airlines tailored to passenger profiles. Travel agencies can offer Air and non-Air services to passengers, with improved passenger personalisation insights.

Single Content Platform

Single platform to publish and consume Air content from GDS and non-GDS carriers. With added services from non-Air providers, get access to a full service travel platform.

Content API

OTA and CBT providers get simple and consistent access to NDC and non-NDC content, with a modern light-weight API. Benefit from faster adoption and go-to-market timelines.

Our Services

Portals for Travel Agencies

Add our portals for Travel Agencies to your portfolio to adapt your Travel Agency business to the NDC era - available to our 600+ loyal Travel Agency customers and beyond. Adopt the new way of managing your point-of-sale team and Front-Office booking process. Use the pre-built real-time integration and consolidation with your Back-Office system.

Feature List
  • Booking Portal with real-time NDC content aggregation.
  • Simple and consistent NDC servicing across airlines and NDC versions.
  • Where airline supports, use NDC Level-4 services - Shopping, Booking, Ticketing, Servicing, Order changes, Order cancelations.
  • Public, private, negotiated, and corporate fares from Airlines.
  • Upsell options for fares and ancillaries, when provided by Airline.
  • Real-time back-office integration for accounting & credit control
  • Processed and categorized Fare Rules (when provided by the airline)
  • Manage order histories and order change notifications from airlines
  • Administration Portal to manage airline subscriptions and fine-grained access control for front-office team.

Back-office Connector

Use the NuFlights real-time or batch Back-Office Connector, for an end-to-end accounting process in your enterprise. Available for existing NuCore TRAACS back-office customers and otherse, alike.

Feature List
  • Real-time Publish (webhooks) or Export (files) of order transactions.
  • Choose from NuCore TRAACS format or common GDS formats.
  • View status of exchange of all transactions and manage retries in real-time

NuFlights Content API

API for simple and consistent access to aggregated rich NDC content from airlines allowing OTA and CBT applications to access content on-demand or using the publish/subscribe model.

Feature List
  • Subscription-model for simplified content access to each airline
  • GraphQL APIs - choose the content you need to keep applications lean
  • Less overhead from API versions when we add more content

NDC Level-4 Certified

NuFlight’s NDC Level-4 certification enables, where provider airlines support, full-cycle content access and order management features. We are committed to a full-feature NDC Services – continuing with the NuCore approach to simple, efficient solutions that delight our 600+ loyal customers.

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