Cookies Policy

  • Cookies are small files used to see how you use websites and other services. These are put on your computer when you visit web sites that choose to use cookies to recognise you and store information in between visits.

  • For now, NuFlights LLC (“NuFlights”, “us”, “we”, “our”) uses only cookies (authToken, refreshToken) related to identifying your session on this website or other services that we offer.

  • We will use cookies in future, but only after careful consideration of your privacy, to provide some essential features of our services and to help us get a better view of your browsing experience and improve the quality of our products. We will use cookies exclusively for this purpose, and never to track you for marketing or other purposes.

  • When we do use cookies in future, you will be able to find more information on this page about each cookie we use and how we use them.

  • Contact us at if you have questions on this policy.