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NuFlights – NuCore's NDC Travel Booking Concept

Introducing NuFlights, the NDC Travel Booking concept from NuCore Solutions - an evolution of NuCore's commitment to the Travel industry and our 600+ TMC customers with pre-built integrations to TRAACS back-office.

Mohan Das | 03 Aug 2021

NuCore partners with Frizbane, UK, for design of NuFlights

NuCore chooses Frizbane Ltd, as the technology partner to design NuFlights as a cloud-scale, secure SAAS platform, to offer modern applications and APIs offering a simple, consistent platform experience.

Suhail VP | 11 Jul 2021

Launching NuFlights - the NDC Platform

NuFlights takes to air with NuCore's pilot customers, with NDC content from Emirates, starting a new journey for the travel management community. An exciting flight path awaits the TMCs, Airlines and other travel industry participants.

Mohan Das | 31 Mar 2021